Bali Hi-Cut Nylon Panties.

Bali hi-cut nylon panties are my choice for fit and feel, I definitely prefer those most over all.

The cross roads.

Well the panty saga is nearing an end and the still somewhat unaware wife is sleeping much better these days now that it is, lol. I have alot to write about but need to sort through everything first and do a bit of reorganizing. I will keep you updated.

New panties out.

The new panties are out because they are not all cotton, she didn’t ask why am I buying her new panties because I never had done that before. Her concern was they are a stretchy micro-fiber and not all cotton like her other ones are and that fabric will cause yeast infections. I showed her the cotton paneled crotch but she said no and the next time I saw the new panties about a week later they had been put into my underwear draw and I wasn’t the one who put them there, lol.

Coming Out, Coming Clean, Confessing Every Sordid Detail. My Wayward Misguided Bisexual Journey.

I am an early 50 year old, married to the same woman for over 30 yrs, bisexual male with a pierced cock. I have shared many of things with my wife Pam over the years, currently we are sharing her panties. We have also shared several male lovers. We were always together and it was absolutely amazing to share her with and to see her with another man.

Here we are, her photographing me and me photographing her, sucking the same mans very large and very hard cock. That day and a second greatly desired no sex act off limits encounter with our AOL lover were two days that even in my wildest of fantasy I never imagined coming to fruition. Almost all of my sexual fantasy’s and desires were fulfilled by our 3-some. We found our stranger online where else of course. We meet in an AOL chatroom, lol, that was awhile ago.

By the time we met in our early twenties my sexual appetite was voracious. I am marriedto the one and only woman alive that despite her very conservative up bringing, decided the bad boy I was portraying to  be, could be changed. I was going to be her project for decided the bad boy I was portraying to be, could be changed. I was going to be her project for redemption.

Pam my wife(hence, a part of the name for Pam’s Pink Panties), was in for a jaw dropping, eye opening, crazy swinging from giving just blow jobs and missionary fucking only in the beginning, to,” I was told that was wrong and never ever to do that but it feels sooo fucking good I don’t care what they told me, anything goes”, kind of girl.

I knew right away I finally found the girl I felt the deepest sexual desires for and I knew Pam would be the one I would fulfill them with. What Pam didn’t know at the time, was anything about my sordid sexual past and I wasn’t about to open up to her just yet, I wanted to see what was going to become of us first. Of course it would be a wedding and wedded bliss for the next 30 years, lol, and that I would be wearing her basic fruits blogging about them.

Like I said, when we met my sexual appetite was voracious. I had, had a couple of long term relationships with girls. During one of those relationships I was also having a gay relationship with my roommate Robby. That young man had an amazing 8in. thick cock on him. I would suck on it or take it in my butt every chance I got. I will blog more about this time period.

There were also the numerous one or two night stands with a mix of men and women but mostly with men. Face It men are easy, I know I was. Just the mentioning of the word fucking is all it took.

Where are the sordid details you might be asking yourself right now, well I will tell them. I am already blogging about the panties. I will also start at the beginning in a different blog which will include my first ever sexual encounter with another person which was oral sex with my stepmother Jenell that concluded with her giving me my first blowjob. A bit racy but not that big of a deal. How about I didn’t even have pubs yet and after all it was during the days of free love and a whole lot of taboo’s were being broken back then.

So a stepmother and stepson thing wasn’t uncommon, but  It was absolutely the single most important sexual encounter of my life though.

Besides her sucking my cock, she also took the time to teach me by telling me and showing me on her very up close and very naked body where it was exactly that a woman needed stimulated by a mans tongue and that did include her butthole. Her scent and taste is what I remember the most even to this very day.

Now that is getting closer to being sordid but it is what happened a few hours later that is extremely sordid for sure.

Like I said that encounter with Jenell was the catalyst for my wants and desires sexually and the direction in which my sexual needs would go and is the reason why my half sister Missy and I had a consensual sexual relationship that lasted for nearly 6 months. Yes my very hot looking, fiery red headed, bald from the waist down like I was, sister. It was, I swear at her insistence  we began fucking each other.

Yes, now that is about as sordid as it can get. Missy watched from behind her slightly ajar bedroom door across a hallway that had a direct view into the room where Jenell had given me my sex ed class.

Missy watched me go down on her mother Jenell and Missy watched her mother Jenell suck my cock.

All I can say right now is Missy came to me wanting to do those same things and a whole lot more. Yes for nearly the next 6 months my sister Missy and I were fucking every chance we got. Before school, during school and after. We were young and very naive. It was a miracle she didn’t get pregnant.

I will be going into more detail later but I guess you could say that was a third long term relationship with a girl I had. We did get together many years later and talked about it, even with the taboo society had on the brother/sister engaging in sex acts, we both agreed we were extremely naive at the time but we both were glad we did it. That it wasn’t anything to be embarrassed about or ashamed of and we would do it again given the opportunity and maybe we did.

Okay enough with some of my back story, now back to Pam’s panties. I developed a fetish for my wife’s panties this past year. One is wearing my wife’s panties, especially when I am outside in our backyard working on my legal marijuana garden, wearing only a t-shirt and her panties, we live in Colorado.

Smelling her dirty panties after she wears them, especially after she wears the same ones for 5 or 6 days that’s also how long she will go between a shower or bath.  I love how she smells after that many days.

Putting on her dirty panties and wearing them. Peeing in  her panties and jacking-off in her panties. That blog will be, The Pantie Saga. It will contain probably the majority of my photo’s since they to are panty related.

I will have a second blog that goes back to the beginning of all the other sordid details that I mentioned and a whole lot of other details I didn’t. I don’t have as many photo’s to post here because let’s face it, most of this happened in the pre-digital era, lol.

I will post pics here in my blog but my videos will be posted at

I have alot to blog about and  I need the room, oh boy I will definitely need all the mb’s  I can get for this one, lol.

Wow alot has happened since I started this stay tuned.