I like the new ones.

They fit and feel great on me, lol.

The cross roads.

Well the panty saga is nearing an end and the still somewhat unaware wife is sleeping much better these days now that it is, lol. I have alot to write about but need to sort through everything first and do a bit of reorganizing. I will keep you updated.

New panties out.

The new panties are out because they are not all cotton, she didn’t ask why am I buying her new panties because I never had done that before. Her concern was they are a stretchy micro-fiber and not all cotton like her other ones are and that fabric will cause yeast infections. I showed her the cotton paneled crotch but she said no and the next time I saw the new panties about a week later they had been put into my underwear draw and I wasn’t the one who put them there, lol.