My Wayward Misguided Bisexual Journey.

My wayward misguided bisexual journey would be and is putting it mildly, to say the least. This is in large part loosely based on actual events as I was growing up to the present day. There will be some content that will be extremely controversial for some readers, but it is the reasons for when, where and why it all happened, the wayward and definitely the misguided portions of this journey.

First I apologize to any readers who have noticed what will probably be some grammatical errors through-out my writings. English was my absolute worst subject in school. The content is erotic and should anyone reading it who might see a possible book here and has the ability to work with this and is interested, let me know. The words I will be writing here will fill several hundreds of pages or more, much more.

That is going to be the only apology for the rest of this blog. I have talked with the one individual I felt needed an apology, I was reassured by them one wasn’t needed. We were young and extremely naive at the time and if given a chance to go back and undo what happened, they wouldn’t change a thing. It was a time of a truly pure unadulterated exploration of the human anatomy that was tremendously appreciated later on in life when it came time to be intimate with less experienced sex partners. If two people agreeably connect who’s to say if it’s right or wrong. It wasn’t talked about at the time but society deemed it inappropriate but even that was ambiguous according to some magazine publications back in the day.

Okay that’s the disclaimer, This posting will include forbidden taboo’s that were engaged in and are still part of thousands peoples lives today, just a few words typed into a search engine will display thousands of results that show all you need to see that it is still happening. I personally feel any forced act perpetrated against another person is wrong and so is the molestation of children.