Stepmother Jen, Is My Sex Education Teacher, pg 2.

Jen picked me up at the bus station now, gone were the days of flying back and forth between the parents. I was 12yrs. old now and had to have an adult fare ticket now for flying, so trailways bus  was now the mode of transportation. We arrived at the house and went inside. Jen immediately began to bellow, “It’s time to go over the rules now that you are living here with us.” She told the others to disappear including my brother until she called for them, I would have to explain the rules to my younger brother later. Her three kids, my two new stepbrothers and our half sister Missy knew the rules and didn’t need to hear them again. We became a real world severely dysfunctional Brady bunch that day. Those of us who lived this dream life know describing it as dysfunctional doesn’t even come close to how upside down thing really were inside that house

Jen told me sit on the couch, then grabbed a nearby padded armchair and slid it closer, directly across from me and sat down. Jen was a 33? year old, 5ft 6 or 7in tall, 160lb rugged Nebraska farm girl.

“I will get right to the point,” Jen said. “You have only stayed with us once or twice a year for a short periods of time, but now you will be here all the time.” She slumped comfortably back into the chair, putting her arms on the armrest and extended her legs out in front of her. Using her feet, she kick off her shoes, “I work nights and I sleep during the day,” 

“When I am sleeping, everyone is to be quiet.” She began to unbuttoned the men’s long sleeve worn out men dress shirt she was wearing and dropped it on the floor. “I also sleep naked,  That is when her, after breastfeeding 3 kids and never wearing a bra D-cup breasts flopped out. Stunned to say the least I couldn’t believe she was undressing in front me and all I could do was watch. She sat back again and started to undo her shorts.”Have you ever seen a naked woman?” she ask me. A very quiet and timid ‘no’ was all I could manage to get out. “Well you are going to have to get use to seeing one all the time now, and that naked woman is me.

Jen then said, “I will show you everything now, and while I am at it I will also show you the do’s and don’ts with a woman’s body for future reference.” She went on to say she preferred being naked when she is in her own home, that it is the most comfortable for her, and she would continue to do so, even with me now living there too. We were also told this was a clothing optional family around the house. Her reasoning was if we all wore less clothes there would be less dirty laundry for her to do, I kid you not. Us boys kept our clothing on until bed time but Sis idolized her mother and ran around most of the time in panties and a t-shirt, nobody paid that much attention to her at the time.

Jen walked around the house naked. She watched her soap operas in the family room naked. She didn’t even close the bathroom door when she was using it.  This was a daily occurrence. this vision would be forever imprinted on my brain. Two huge breast and a very hairy bush is what I saw. The face barking out demands and orders for the day wasn’t what I was looking at. After her full frontal nude attack she would always leave us with a good view of her large mature butt as she ascended the stairs to get her much needed rest.

Then Jen’s feet went flat on the floor and her legs stiff, her hips thrust up off the chair. In one quick and smooth motion she undid her shorts and slid them down over her legs to the floor. She rested back down on the chair, then suddenly sent her shorts flying across the room with a kick of her leg.

Now she was sitting forward with her butt on the edge of the chair, Jen  leaned back at the same time putting her legs over the arms of the chair spreading her legs wide open. She asked me if I had a good view. I nodded my head yes, and said, “I can see your boobs.” She glanced down looking at her body and then looked back up at me smiling. That is still, even today, the hairiest pussy I have ever seen.

She slid her very large, almost manly looking hands down her inner thighs to her hairy pussy. She used her fingers, fingers that were larger than my prepubescent cock when it was fully erect, to part her inner lips. It would be best described as the amazon jungle. I could begin to see the inner skin folds through the jungle hair on her pussy. Also making an appearance was her very intriguing butthole.  She said, “Now fucking pay attention to what I am going to say, because I am only going to say this once.”

Using her fingers to guide me through her pussy tour she said, “Right here,” pointing at and exposing her clit with her fingers, “is the single most important part of a woman’s pussy. If you ever get lucky, you, no matter how long it takes, make fucking sure you do whatever it is she wants done with it.” I had to have had a serious look of confusion on my face, because I didn’t understand what she had just said. Continuing on she said, “Here is a woman’s pee hole – you don’t need to worry about it, it’s for peeing only.” She then slipped a finger from both hands into her pussy and stretched it open.

“This is where boys put their dicks in and babies come out.” I was taken back with how much she stretched it open.

Next she moved a finger down to her butthole. My eyes locked on her butthole and I couldn’t look away. “This is the forbidden land. Under no circumstances are you to try and put your finger, your dick, or any objects in here. It’s a fucking exit not an fucking entrance.

Jen saying that was the first time I ever heard that familiar phrase about a woman’s butthole and it wouldn’t the last. From that moment on I would find myself always looking at her her butt trying to get a look at her butthole. I now had a mission in life to get as up close and personal with every girl I would be sexually active with in my life some extra special attention when it came to being given access to their most tantalizing feature of their anatomy and that is a women’s butt and the delicious little puckered butthole tucked in between the butt cheeks.

Jen stood up started looking around. “Where is my tea,” she said. She always had a glass of ice tea. She went into the kitchen, then she came back with her glass of tea and a nearly empty bottle of liquor. She poured the rest of the bottle into her tea and took a good drink. She walked over to me, handed the empty bottle and told me to throw it away and go pick up her clothes and put them in the laundry basket in the laundry room and while I was at it I could put my clothes in there to because beside no closed or locked doors it was clothing optional in the house for everyone.

She turned and headed up the stairs to her bedroom, then turned around and bellowed, “I have to work tonight and I’m going to bed. Everyone needed to be quiet!”

Jen’s butt wasn’t any where near the same looking as the women in the Playboys I had seen but I preferred to jack off looking at Jen’s real butt than the ones in the magazines. I had just recently discovered how good masturbation felt and I was doing it all the time. I didn’t start right away with Jen’s butt as my jacking off material that would come later as the heard of kids in the house started thinning out and more privacy was gained.  Jen sleeping naked on the sofa in the den would be where you would find me every chance I got once I did start my voyeur period. I jacked off countless of times to that women’s butt. She wasn’t a sexy Playboy model but she was real and asleep which helped but not always I did get caught a couple of times.


And like the first flashing episode, I kept quiet and never told anyone about this time either. Was it child abuse of course it was. Today it would be the sexual exploitation of a minor and punishable with incarceration, but at the time old perverts with young girls was wrong but boys with older girls wasn’t, it was a right of passage. I was 12 at the time still a couple of years from even getting my first pubic hair and I felt lucky as could be, after all how many other boys my age could say they had a naked woman living in their house they could jack off too.

Living with a naked woman was really the only reason I stayed. The next five months proved we were not the new Denver suburban Brady bunch, especially with Jen in control.