The Pantie Saga, Chapter 1, pg 1.

There is a significant reason for calling this blog Pam’s Pink Panties and that will be explained as I go along and later on it will be explained in more detail.

Right now as I sit and write this blog, the panties and the t-shirt I’m wearing in the photo are the same ones I’m wearing currently as I sit on the love seat directly across from my wife Pam who is sitting on the sofa completely unaware  that my t-shirt and her panties are the only clothes I’m wearing, lol.

It’s funny how she is busy on her laptop with her social media pages talking to me about all the outrageous post people are posting.

Pam’s daily routine is, wake up about 2pm in the afternoon, do all of her chores and running around that she needs to do. At around 8pm or so it’s time to grab her lap top and check her social media sites and begin to drink her buds. At around mid night the buds have kicked in and she is blissfully unaware of her surroundings.

A couple of weeks ago at around mid night  I started to hang out with her only wearing only a t and a pair of her panties.  I was nervous at first I would cover up with my shirt pulling it down to cover the panties, I was worried she would see me in her panties and there would be some kind of falling out over them.

Now I can stand with in just feet of her gaze with her blue panties on and out for anyone to see. You can see not the slight bit interested as she tips up the bottle for another drink.

I stood there for a moment that way, she did look right at her panties I was wearing and with out skipping a beat continued on talking about her social media pages, lol.

I am going to have to tell her to look and that she is looking at her husband standing right in front of her wearing her panties. Like I said, blissfully oblivious.

Not so fast, busted maybe not as oblivious  as I thought, lol. This whole panty thing has really got me going right now but I will be updating soon.

Right now, I have several of the wife sleeping in our pantie video’s  posted check them out at: