The Pantie Saga, pg 2. The Beginning of my Fetish.

The first time I checked out a pair of lady’s underwear was at a babysitting job. The couple across the street from us in Denver asked if I could step in for their regular sitter who had a previous engagement. I did, needing some dollars for something it was an easy gig.

The two kids were asleep in bed, I was watching tv in the living room bored to tears(pre cable tv days) and still a couple of hours away from their return home. I decided to go check out the digs. Mainly the master bedroom, I seen the rest earlier on a quick tour around when I arrived except of coarse that room.

They were a modest conservative early 40’s couple with two kids 5 and 7 years old. Carol was the lady of the house and always dressed appropriately for the occasion unlike Jen my stepmother who was rarely ever dressed at all. Woman’s underwear didn’t exist in our house so naturally I quickly went for the woman’s underwear after a quick look around.

I came across Carol’s very conservative intimate apparel. I saw those and I didn’t even have much of a reaction they were your atypical granny panties all the way. Not even as much as a little tingle in the groin region  for me. The next morning I gave a complete detailing to my sister as to the kind of undergarments our neighbor Carol wore.

My sister Missy was the one that got me started on wearing girls panties. By this time we had started our fooling around and Sis was curious about other women’s underwear  that they wore. Jen’s no clothing needed beyond this point which was the entire house and yes that also included the backyard which was enclosed by a 6ft. privacy fence lol.  Sis only had the basic Kmart or Target girl panties that were on sale at the time. Jen’s lack of clothing all together didn’t give her much guidance so that checking out the neighbors panty drawers was at her request. She didn’t want her breast to look like her mother Jen’s who never wore a bra and she was worried because of ERA and women burning their bras. I reassured her that Carol still had plenty of industrial strength Playtex bras and there would be plenty for her when time comes.