The Pantie Saga, pg 4. The Scent.

The true honest scent of a woman is what she holds between her legs with in the soft delicate glistening velvet folds of her very moist pussy and in the lightly sweat moistened crack of her butt. Without a doubt is the strongest pheromone known to exist.

It was a gay encounter with my young male lover roommate Robby who possessed absolutely the most magnificent thick hard 8in. long cock I have ever had. Oh how I have longed for that one again and again over the years. With a little time and a whole lot of practice I did eventually managed to learn how to take Robby’s cock into my mouth and go down on him all the way until his balls were resting on my chin and my nose was nestled into his very lightly fine hair covered pubic area. Feeling his cock in back of throat gave me more pleasure than if he was going down on me.

Robby and I were working together on the day the panties came to us. We had a job near downtown, a high-rise residential and business apartment building that took three days. We changed the air conditioning and heater  filters every three months. In the winter time it took us only two days because we would head up the hill on the third day to do some company comped uninterrupted by tourist skiing, work day skiing was the best.

It was spring now and we weren’t hurrying to finish the job in two days like before to go skiing, this time he took an extra half day to finish. Robby and I were going in to the last apartment, a quick swap of the filters and we were going to lunch then go hang out at Wash park, get stoned drink some beers and check out the ladies in shorts and tee’s.

We entered her apartment Robby went his way and I headed to the bedroom. I changed the filter in there and noticed her dirty laundry piled up on the floor. We had seen this young woman in passing, she was a drop dead gorgeous early 20’s long legged sandy blonde hair with a perfect butt, kind of a woman.

Instantly I picked up the sexy white laced trimmed panties on the pile of dirty clothes on the floor next to the bed and put the crotch of them up to my nose and inhaled slowly and deeply savoring every fragrant moment as I inhaled. Her female musk scent was emanating from the crotch of her panties along with sweaty smell of her butt. My eyes closed and a vision of her naked butt slowly drawing closer and closer to my face was going through my head as I slowly inhaled again.

At the door of her bedroom I hear, hey what’s taking so long? I didn’t react and I just continued to slowly inhale letting her scent put me into a such a state of euphoria that nothing would bring me out of it until I had an orgasm.Then I hear what the hell are you doing, now the voice was only a couple of feet away from me. I opened my eyes and turned my head  towards  the voice and it is Robby looking at me and at the panties. asked if those were her dirty panties, as he got intimately closer. He took hold of my wrist and hand that was holding her panties to my nose and brought his nose up next to mine and he closed his eyes as he slowly inhaled.

Robby and I never kissed we put each other cocks in our mouths and our tongues in each others buttholes but we never kissed, until now. With our noses touching our lips extremely close together I decided to kiss him. Pushing my lips to his our mouths came together and our tongues connected, we did engage in a long heated passionate kiss.

My free hand went right to Robby’s uniform pants to undo them and that was where his free hand was also. When we had his pants undone and pulled down to his knee’s we stopped kissing. Robby sat on the bed and said we have to be crazy to be doing this now.

Robby quickly undid his shoes and took them off. His pants underwear and socks all came off quickly. I handed the panties to him and I quickly got myself undressed. I knelt down between Robby’s legs, he laid back with her panties up to his nose. I took Robby’s majestically hard cock into my mouth taking it as deep as I could. My nose was in his very fine pubic hair, the head of his cock was deep in my throat and his balls were literally pressed against my chin.

I only had hold that position for couple of moments before I could feel his cock get more rigid and begin to pulsate as he ejaculated into my mouth. I reached up and got the panties from him and began to put them on him as he laid there.

Robby didn’t ask or say a word he just stood up and pulled her panties on and took off his shirt. I turned Robby around and he got on the bed on all four with his woman’s panty covered butt proudly on display.  I squeezed Robby’s butt, stroked it through the panties then I pressed my face into Robby’s panty covered butt, still able to smell her intoxicating scent now coming from between the cheeks of Robby’s little girly butt. I pulled the panties over to one side exposing Robby’s butthole. I didn’t leave any doubt in Robby’s mind that my cock was hard and I was getting ready to fuck him. I ran my tongue around his butthole putting as much of my saliva in it and around it as I could for lubrication. I got on the bed kneeling behind him.

I put the head of my cock up to his butthole. I slowly began to push my cock into his butthole I took my time I could feel my orgasm building inside and I knew as soon as I could feel my hips press hard against his butt cheeks I was going to have an explosive ejaculation filling his butt full of my cum and so I did.

We collapsed on the bed together I turned on my side with my back to Robby. Robby put his saliva on his hand and moistened my butthole with it then he put his cock up to my butt and pushed his cock inside of me until he filled my butt with his cum.