The Pantie Saga, pg 3.

My Sis and I were becoming more embolden, more daring. Open door policy was still in effect. The relative quick departure of our other three siblings caused us to dress less also but the two of us did keep it to t-shirts and underwear most of the time, she occasionally would be missing her panties though. The more we messed around the closer we were getting to actually fucking on the deep shag carpeting on the floor in the den, right next to Jen while she slept. That was our goal.

We were just outside of the Den in the hallway Sis was on top in the cowgirl. Jen was asleep on the huge couch in the den when she stopped snoring and coughed. We froze, Jen rolled over and got up from the couch and went into the bathroom. We quickly grabbed our clothes on the floor next to us and bolted down stairs. Down in the family room, in a panic we quickly got dressed because we could hear Jen coming. Sis pulled up her panties and planted herself on the couch, I had my t-shirt on when I looked in my hands and realized I was about to put on Sis’s polka dot Kmart panties. Jen was just around the corner and on they went.

At the bottom of the stairs Jen turns the corner to see Sis sitting on the couch watching tv and me probably standing¬† there shell shocked trying to pull down my t to cover Sis’s panties I’m now wearing. Jen loudly asked, what the hell is all the running down the stairs about, we both quietly just slightly nod our heads no as if it wasn’t us, it had better fuckin stop I am trying to fuckin sleep. Jen went back around the corner heading up the stairs and yelled out again and get your sisters fuckin panties off you little fuckin pervert.

We both waited a moment then we began to snicker about the whole thing. After that we both paraded around the house alot her wearing my white jockeys and me in her Kmart blue lite special panties.

That is when I developed fondness for wearing women’s panties. Bras don’t do anything for me since neither Jen or Missy wore one.¬† I don’t have any desires to be a full on cross dresser, it is just the panties I like wearing.